Matt Buontempo
Miguel del Gallego
Salvatore Gigante
Jean-Pierre Karam
Vince McCarthy
John Mirkovich
Christian Palomba
Scott Post
Alex Powers
Frank Recine
Sam Rubenstein
James Santana
Jeremiah Scanlon
Daniel Turano

Directors: Peter Harkin & Nick Tafuri

Where is Cornerstone held?

How can I register for Cornerstone?

Church of St. Elizabeth 
700 Wyckoff Avenue
Wyckoff, New Jersey 07481

Women's Cornerstone February 2 & 3 2018

Many Paths, One Journey

Men's Cornerstone
March 2 & 3  2018 

Together We Are Strong

When is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone Testimonials

"I signed up not knowing anything about Cornerstone. I entered with my heart and my mind wide open. I gained so much insight into myself and the women around me. I left feeling extremely grateful for the experience. These women are amazing!"
Athena Nicholas

"Cornerstone XXIV couldn't have come at a better time in my life.  It was the personal spiritual experience I needed just then and a great way to meet a good group of people.  I've carried the positive feelings with me all year, and I can't wait for Cornerstone XXV to do it all again."

Christian Palomba

"My experience at Cornerstone has been transformative. On the face of it, it reminds to open my heart and have faith. On a deeper level, it's helped me to see the best of myself and others. I look around and see the women of cornerstone and I feel their support."
Juliane Miller

"I am a faithful person and love when I find opportunities to explore and strengthen my faith. With young children it is so hard to find the time to focus on that, but Cornerstone was just the opportunity I was looking for. It was a time to focus on my life and my relationships with family, friends and God. And of course, it is an added bonus that I forged great new friendships!"

Vanessa Karam

"Coming into the Cornerstone weekend, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect but by the time it was over, I was thankful for having participated.  Each of us can get caught up in work, family life, personal interests, etc. to the point where we are simply moving from one engagement to the next, not taking the time to appreciate what we have around us.  Cornerstone offered a time for reflection while bonding with others through sharing life experiences.  I came away refocused on what is truly important:  the relationships we have with each other, our loved ones and God.  I look forward to building on the friendships I’ve made this weekend and passing the gift of Cornerstone to the next group."
Miguel del Gallego

"I was asked by friends several times to attend Women’s cornerstone. I thought about it but was hesitant and always found a reason to put it off. Last year I faced my fears and stepped out of my comfort zone to attend the twenty-four-hour retreat. I did not know what to expect but I can honestly say taking that leap of faith has brought so many blessings to my life.  This year being on team with these amazing women has provided me with a support system like no other and the friendships I have made have truly been a gift."

Jen Gilchrist

"I am the mom of two young children, the wife of a police officer, an elementary school teacher, and a college student.  These roles keep me busy and often times I am running on autopilot. Cornerstone weekend forced me to slow down and gave me time to reflect on the many life experiences that helped shape me into the person I am today. It was the perfect opportunity to foster new friendships and a necessary reminder for me to slow down and give thanks for the many blessings in my life. I am thankful for this experience and recommend it to others looking for some time to reflect and connect with others."

Ellen Scott

  • Your overnight stay will take place at St. Elizabeth's. 
  • Great meals and plenty of snacks will be provided throughout Cornerstone. 
  • There will be talks, followed by small group discussions, time for quiet personal reflection, Reconciliation and Eucharist.
  • There will be ample time to interact with others who, like you, are looking for spiritual growth.

What is Cornerstone? 

Cornerstone is an opportunity to renew your faith and grow in your experience of Christian Community. It is ALSO a way to meet others from St. Elizabeths’ and the community in a warm, welcoming environment on both a personal and a spiritual level. Since 1993, over 1,500 men and women have participated in the Cornerstone experience at St. Elizabeth’s. Each will tell you they have grown spiritually and have become more a part of the community because of Cornerstone.

Cornerstone is held at The Church of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary in Wyckoff.

Cornerstone activities will begin on Friday evening at  7:00 PM and will end on Saturday evening at 7:00 PM. 

What can I expect Cornerstone to be like?

 A core team of men and women who were St. Elizabeth’s Cornerstone participants in the past will be hosting and leading Cornerstone.  Each team member will offer his or her abilities in various ways. Some team members will give talks on selected themes or lead small group discussions. Others will plan liturgy and music. And still others will arrange for your meals and accommodations. All team members will be dedicated to ensuring an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.

Who conducts 


St. Elizabeth's 
Cornerstone 2018

Lise Damiani
Jacqueline Duffy
Deanna Gattie
Lauren Gigante
Jen Gilchrist
Tiffany Grasso
Vanessa Karam
Juliane Miller
Jessica Mutzberg
Athena Nicholas
Sasha Ray
Ellen Scott

Directors: Shannon Cevasco & Tina Rowe

Mentors: Cathy Ingrasci & Laurie Kocher